Kellchi Pty Ltd Tue, 27 Nov 2018 02:00:29 +0000 en-US hourly 1 How to Go Frugal Without Compromising on Your Self-Image (3 Smart Ways) Mon, 26 Nov 2018 19:48:12 +0000 Do you feel a bit too awkward when you try to save some of your bucks? That’s something very natural. It’s a psychological factor. Every human is designed that way. But if keeping up your image really matters to you the most, there are many ways to stick to your personality without trapping yourself into the debt cyclone. And those 3 smart ways are described below:

Buy second-hand items: From clothes to vehicles, you can buy second-hand items at a diminished rate. If you want to buy a car, bear in mind that new cars depreciate every year, so a second-hand car that is somewhere around 3-4 years back would cost you a lot cheaper in comparison to a new model. Just be sure to check the overall finish and appearance so that you don’t end up compromising on the looks.

Rent the items instead of buying: You can always rent an item instead of buying it. What happens is, sometimes you need specific items at a specific time, so why bother purchasing it when you can rent them? The best example in this regard is an academic book which can be easily rented from libraries or even online portals and you may return the book after using it. You may also buy subscription plans so that you only pay as per your usage.

Look for exchange offers: If you possess a sound skill and the person from who you are willing to buy a product is looking for that skill, make an exchange deal. Trade your skill against the product that person is offering. That way, you won’t have to make a purchase. Online portals like BarterQuest are great for finding like-minded people who may be willing to exchange a product or service with you. Just be sure to look for reviews of that particular person or shop.

So, which one of these 3 ways you found really applicable in your life?

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4 Better Alternatives to Payday Loans Mon, 26 Nov 2018 19:43:36 +0000 Running out of cash is a very common problem for many people out there, but using a payday loan lender for revolving credit is something you should take very seriously. It is the worst debt mistake you’re making in your life. You might be thinking that it’s only a matter of one time that you’re turning to your payday lender, but the fact is, you’d be consulting over and over again and thus you won’t get out of this debt trap ever for the rest of your life.

So, what is the ultimate way out?

Below we’ve listed 4 of the most effective ways to combat against hard financial crises without taking help from money lenders (more like falling a prey to them):


  1. Ask for some cushion from your creditors

In a number of cases, your creditors may understand that you’re going through a tough time and you’re unable to repay the lent amount. If you’re living in a rented property, ask your landlord for extension. But don’t ever consider taking a short term loan to finance your current needs.

  1. Ask your local bank for an overdraft

Banks may appear as a big help by providing you an overdraft facility on your current account. You can also consult a credit union for a short-term loan. These are great alternatives to payday lenders.

  1. Use your credit card

Although it is not really recommended to use a credit card to cover a budget shortfall but if you compare it with a payday lending institute, you’d realize that credit cards are soft credits and easier to pay off. If you’re really shortfall of cash for your day-to-day life necessities, you may consider using your credit card instead of consulting a payday lending institute. Just be sure that you don’t make a habit of using a credit card.

  1. Do overtimes or sell unnecessary stuff through a garage sale

Ask your employer if you are allowed to do an overtime. Alternatively, you may sell your unwanted items through a garage sale to generate fair amount of cash.

Loans are in their truest form hard liabilities that trap you inside the prison of debt. So, think twice before taking out your next payday loan!

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3 Benefits of Frugal Living You Never Knew Mon, 26 Nov 2018 19:38:34 +0000 In a century where consumerism is on a high peak and every other person you see out there is much focused towards showing off rather than living a decent life, it becomes quite difficult for a person who chooses the frugal lifestyle. Your friends and family members may disown you and the society may also stop giving you that same level of respect just because you aren’t showing your things off. That’s because those people aren’t really aware of what a frugal lifestyle is and what benefits it have in the long-run.

If you’re one of those skeptical persons who think frugal living is not a good idea, then you must check out the below 3 major benefits of frugal living to witness its true power and wonders it could do for you:

An environment-friendly approach buildup

Frugality is not just about saving a bunch of bucks or managing personal life. There’s something way beyond that just that. Frugal living benefits the environment that surrounds you. By opting for fewer items and consuming way lesser than before, you can save your environment from hazardous effect of littering.

Peace within the soul & mind

Think of a situation that what it would be like if you stop worrying about money? How would you feel if you don’t have any debt on your shoulders and you’re living a free life? You won’t have to make a solid roadmap for your retirement and the things you currently have under possession will suffice for you and your family. Frugal living fetches exactly the same lifestyle for a person who chooses it over heavy spending.

More time for real things

When you start living a frugal life, you won’t have to skim through product reviews, advertisements, comparison reports and other time-consuming things to check into the hottest trends of the market. Doing all these things take a lot of time and energy. And above all, these things often influence your purchasing behavior – you start buying things you actually don’t require.

So, how do you see these 3 benefits in your life? Do they really matter to you, or is it just that you think like everyone else?

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Here’s How You Can Live a Frugal Life Mon, 26 Nov 2018 19:31:04 +0000 Are you making your mind to live a life that doesn’t burden your pockets? Then, frugal living is by far the best option for you. Here are some of the smartest ways to live a frugal life and approaches that are really worth following:

Devise a Budget

Budgeting should center on improving your life. Get your objectives on paper. At that point, dispose of any superfluous costs that aren’t drawing you nearer to accomplishing your objectives. Once you’ve done that, search for approaches to cut your residual costs. Each dollar you save is another dollar that you can put towards your objectives.

Look for free options

Complimentary gifts are fun; and they likewise happen to be an extraordinary method to extend your financial plan. Be that as it may, don’t let the fun stop there. You can likewise utilize complimentary gifts to appreciate free suppers out, to catch birthday swag and to score a free get-away.

Use your library card

Utilize your library card to cut your diversion costs. Numerous libraries currently enable you to look at digital books, computerized book recordings, magazines, computer games and many other things. You may even have the capacity to stream recordings or download books from the solaces of home. Acquaint yourself with your libraries contributions; at that point, benefit as much as possible from your library card.

Use coupons

On the off chance that you would prefer not to waste time with section coupons, you can print them or download them or even use stored value cards. Simply put in five minutes checking for coupons before you make a beeline for the supermarket, and you’ll effectively cut your bill by 30% or more. There are numerous sites to help locate the best coupons for different activities.

Limit your number of outings for dinner

It is fun to eat out, yet it is much more costly than eating at home. Test yourself to eat at home more regularly, and watch your financial balance develop. At that point, discover approaches to limit the expense of eating out when you do choose to treat yourself.

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The Truth about Payday Loans No Lender Will Tell You Mon, 26 Nov 2018 19:26:24 +0000 Payday loans seem like a helping hand in awful financial situations and the only way out. The fact is, payday loans are much of a disguised option that seem like a credible option and the only resort during hard times. They may be advertised as short-term loans or no credit check loans, but believe us, they’re all the same with different faces. These loans come up with some very aggressive payback fees structures and the interest rates the lenders charge are too hard for one to afford.

So why do people really opt for payday loans?

The question ultimately arises that why do people really end up taking payday loans when they are that bad?! Well, the thing is, when people aren’t left with any other option, they get scared and thus end up making irrational decisions.

Unluckily, many people who borrow money from payday lenders get trapped inside the debt cycle, and are unable to get out of it for their entire life. And it’s not like that an emergency situation is the reason why most of the people borrow payday loans, a report suggests that 6 out of 10 people borrow money for every day concerns like paying for groceries or netting off their credit card bills, and etc.

What are the consequences of paying your payday loan after the due date?

Payday loan lenders are really aggressive at collecting their due payments. And when a borrower gets late, a harsh late fee is imposed onto the borrower, plus the APR method is a killer for borrowers like you who are eventually forced to pay almost thrice the amount actually lent.

So, the worst decision you could ever make in your life is borrowing money from payday loan lenders without looking forward to better alternatives like side gigs and in-house borrowing.

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3 Frugal Living Myths You Think Were Real Mon, 26 Nov 2018 19:21:10 +0000 Are you looking forward to attaining financial independence? If so, then you must have definitely met a lot of people suggesting you to opt for a frugal life. Well, for many people, frugal living is more or less like living cheap, and there are myths as well that support this thought. These are some of the very common myths you’ve been hearing about frugal living and you believed they were real (but they aren’t):


A big number of population believe that living a frugal life limits the choices of a person. It’s a common myth that frugality is more or less identical to poverty. Many people are of firm belief that a person who chooses to live a frugal life is limiting himself/herself into a box.

The Fact: Frugal people have smart choices.


A lot of people assume that frugality is all about living a cheap life. There may be some similarities between these two terms, but both are different in some aspects.

The Fact: A frugal person looks forward to the best of value for is his/her hard-earned money, and to its contrast, a cheap-centric person sees only the lowest price tag.


People are of thought that a frugal person is never able to live the life at its fullest. And yet, a frugal people never gets to enjoy the life.

The Fact: When a person is able to focus on what’s more important rather than running after things that aren’t really required, he/she is able to free up more money for things that are very important for life.

Living frugal is not just about sacrificing on things. It’s about making smart choices by distinguishing between the things wanted and the things required. The things you want are based on societal influence, and the things you need are actually the hardcore requirements to sustain your life on planet earth.

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